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    Thanks allinformer for this post. It’s worked for me. I was looking for this solution for many days. I was frustrated but this post help me. I’m using WAMP 2.5.

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      Team Allinformer

      Thanks Vijay, As this information help you to solve your issue. We appreciate you have invest your time on this. We always try to help many to solve their issue.

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    Catherine Stanley

    Got msvcr100.dll missing error and download from http://www.dll-download-system.com/home/m-dlls-not-system-/msvcr100.dll/details.html
    and don’t know what to do next. Find this article very helpful, now my problem gone, thx !

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      Team Allinformer

      I’m Glad Catherine to hear from you that “Find this article very helpful, now my problem gone”.

      I’m happy that you found this helpful one.

      Keep visiting our site….. Thanks for comment too.

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    Sandra Woods

    I know the reason of this problem. Problem with dll file msvcr120.dll. Did you try to reinstall it? I know cool site where you can download it. Here you are – http://fix4dll.com/msvcr120_dll. Download and install it. Then restart your computer.


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