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Roshan Padole

Roshan Padole

Hello! I'm Roshan Padole. Web Developer & Digital Marketing Expert. I love working with various professional Web Development & SEO services provider companies. Here I speak about SEO, Blogging, SMM, WordPress, Freelancing & Technology.

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    jay shah

    Great site, really good writing:-)! I really enjoy your blog. I’m waiting for more. Best regards!

  2. 2


    Yes i’m preparing Mobile exam. You seem to have got almost all answers correct.
    I’m interested to know how i can start working professionally and earn money.
    I have passed the:
    1) Fundamental
    2) Advanced Search
    3) Video
    exams. Now will surely pass Mobile too i hope.

    But how do i start earning.
    I know about “Upwork” etc.
    Pls i need someone who can guide me through.


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